August 14, 2022
IGRSUP: Everything You Need to Know About It

IGRSUP: Everything You Need to Know About It

IGRSUP - Inspector General of Registration and Stamps

Meet IGRSUP โ€“ one of the popular portal that is available online. You can easily get access to hundreds of stamp duty details, information on general and specific properties, certified copies of deeds, and so on. This article is going to be very special because we are going to give an overview of the services. That are at available on igrsup gov portal. This web portal is very special in many ways. Letโ€™s discuss it further in the following details.ย 

What is IGRSUP?

IGRS simply stands for the Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS). That is following the responsibility of levying taxes relate to the property transactions. It is responsible for taking good care of property and land that is related to the documental work. All the work will be carried out by using igrsup. Igrsup online is located in Uttar Pradesh for providing local and online property related services.

Services Available in IGRSUP

IGRS in Uttar Pradesh is very popular for its wide variety of services. Uttar Pradesh is very populated area with huge demand of property related services. Igrsup is also one of the best online portal that is providing online services in UP relevant to property and documentation work. Your burden will be lessen from using, selling, buying, and managing properties related work. Here are few services that igrsup is providing.ย 

  • Information on stamp vendors/franking
  • Data on chit funds
  • Marriage registration
  • Prohibited property service
  • Uttar Pradesh sale deed, bainama, dastavej
  • Society registration
  • Market value searchย 
  • E stampingย 
  • Encumbrance search
  • Registration of property service
  • Certified copies
  • Know your SRO

Property dealing and documentation work is always advisory and needs special services. Thatโ€™s why igrsup is giving these services with the best possible deals and satisfied work. We donโ€™t know about its negative points regarding services as we have not found negative reviews on Google. You can take a look and search at your own to get best services available.ย 

Guaranteed Documentation Work

There are some platforms and portals that do not provide best and guaranteed documentation work. If you have property to sell or buy then you definitely need trusted deals and satisfied work for their documentation. Igrsup online portal is very much demanding and famous for these type of services. They provide satisfied work and guaranteed documentation work. You will never regret after getting services. We are not merely recommending these services but just clearing the facts that other people are saying about it.ย 

Easy Registration Process

There are some other benefits instead of others stated above. There are companies and portals that have difficult registration process and sign up requires difficult procedures. The registration process must be easy in order to give convenience to the users. IGRSUP is the platform that gives easy process of registration.ย 

Few steps are required to get the services. SRO gives proper reasons if the application is rejected. There is always a reason for rejection. Then why would igrsup is rejecting the applications. If the application is rejected then ask for rejection reason or the portal itself gives reason of rejection. You can apply again after correcting the rejection reason. It will definitely be accepted again.ย 

Get Copy of Marriage Certificates With Ease

Getting copies of marriage certificates was difficult and a hectic task. It is easy now. You can easily get copy of marriage certificates. Igrsup online portal is providing these services. There are few steps that must not be ignored in order to get the copy of marriage certificate. First, you need to login in the igrsup portal by providing password. A captcha option will be displayed. You can fill that captcha. After logging in, you can now get the copy of marriage certificate.ย 


IGRSUP is one of the easy to use smart portal. That is providing easy documentation work and real estate property services. You will never doubt about it. You must search at your own in order to get the best portal. We are not recommending it and forcing you to get services from this service providing firm. All you need to do is to search at your own pace and get the desired services. We hope this was an excellent article to get insights about this company. If you have any question or you want to share your views, you can comment below in the comment section.ย 

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